Ethereum New All Time High

Last year on this day, Bitcoin reached its all-time high price of $20,000 – before its parabolic advance was broken, sending the original cryptocurrency into a bear market. 12-12-2017 · Ethereum Sets a new All-time High. 10-1-2019 · Ethereum hit another all-time high Wednesday with the cryptocurrency now up more than 60 percent in a week.

Sadly no, the high isn’t in terms of value, however this is a significant benchmark nonetheless. The market cap now stands at US$34 million, with US$1 billion traded in the past 24 hours. As it turns out, this number is more than quadruple the previous all-time high of 846,000 transfers which was hit earlier in November — all thanks to Gods Unchained’s genesis card activation.

Ethereum is up over 24-11-2017 · Ethereum Momentum Remains Strong. As Bitcoin takes some break after its last week rally to above $19,000 before the CME’s Bitcoin futures contracts going live, Ethereum is looking quite a lot strong this week with the cryptocurrency attaining a new all-time high above $850, precisely $866 as per our data on Tuesday, Dec 19. 19-11-2017 · Ethereum (ETH) has picked up in the past few days, after being quiet for the past month. On May 16, TRON based decentralized applications registered over 100,000 users, smashing the previous record in client volume. Ethereum (ETH) has Despite slipping prices for the crypto markets, TRON has managed to set a new all-time high for daily DApp users. As the cryptocurrency was gathering momentum this week, as could be seen in the graph below, the new all-time high signals confidence in the Ethereum community and a very important threshold to be reached. The total number of Ether tokens moved through transactions on decentralized applications in April 2019 surpassed the previous all-time high of December 2018. Ethereum, the 2nd top cryptocurrency by market capitalization has been way below expectation and has been regarded as a disappointing coin by many, though several experts believe ETH’s price will soar to surpass its all-time high by the ending of the year. As the data from DeFi Pulse shows, the total number of Ethers (ETH) linked to DeFi applications has reached a new record high. Of course it's going to reach a new all time high.

The Ethereum network has been facing unprecedented demand in the last few days, so much so that daily gas usage has now hit a new all-time high of over 55 milliom gas units.

Nov 20, 2019 @ 13:59 UTC. That is not to speak of all of the other cool use cases that will become apparent over time, I'm confident in just the low hanging fruit. Price action suggests a re-test of the all time high at US$420, most likely before year’s end. As is often the case whenever a cryptocurrency reaches a new all-time high, there will be a sharp correction shortly afterward.

Decentralized finance hit another milestone this week as the total Ethereum locked in these applications hit a fresh all-time high. The digital currency hit a record high of $1,417.38 before paring some of those gains, according to CoinDesk, a website that tracks the prices of the digital currency. The digital asset, which had been edging up throughout the week, rose to as much as $32.

78 on CoinMarketCap today, roughly 15% higher than the session’s opening price of $28.65. The Ethereum price has surpassed the $850 mark for the first time in history, establishing a new all-time high amidst strong performances by decentralized applications like CryptoKitties and EtherDelta. One thing few people were certain about was whether or not most alternative cryptocurrencies would follow a similar path. 2-1-2018 · LONDON — Cryptocurrency ethereum posted a fresh all-time high on Tuesday morning, shaking off the troubles that have dragged down the price … 2-1-2018 · The native token of the ethereum platform, ether, has started the new year with a bang, hitting an all-time high of over $900 this morning. 30-11-2017 · Ether has set a new all time high of $518 on Bitfinex. Ethereum sees a resistance paradigm shift from $300 to $400.

8-1-2018 · Ethereum's market capitalisation is now around $119 billion. 23-11-2017 · All investors have been waiting for Ethereum to break the $400 level.