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11/16/2019 · they did not state the reason, but I guess I need to manually request account deletion in app.

Note: There is no way to un-delete an account. shopee reviews. Remember, everyday is a shopping day on Lazada.


1 Shopee Guarantee is a service provided by Shopee or its authorised agent to protect purchases. 4 stars because sometimes if you open a menu it takes too long to load the contents and the other thing in the review section when you tap the screenshots of some buyer's review because you want to see if the actual picture is really the same with the sełler's picture as advertise, it will not open or load, i hope developer will fix this. Might take some days until the account gets deleted. Please allow up to 30 business days to process your deletion request.

I have few cent in my shopeepay tho. Enter your e-mail address and click 'Delete account'. Our first steps tour and our frequently asked questions will help you a lot after registration. Search '' Why is my account deletion request rejected.

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my to create the best online shopping experience for every customer in Malaysia. Today, I sent them a request to permanently delete my account. Shoppe may also automatically transfer funds from your Shoppe Wallet to your Linked Account on a regular basis, as determined by Shoppe. 3. Sorry to see you go!. - Listing deletion. Hi, how can we help.

It may take up to 90 days to delete data stored in backup systems. (up to the amount of your Shoppe Wallet balance) to your linked bank account (“Linked Account”) by submitting a transfer request (“Withdrawal Request”) a maximum of once per day. All other Marks provided on the Site are the. Please ensure that you have completed all orders before submitting the request. Shopee PH Helpcenter. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'delete your account.” You'll be taken to a page to confirm the deletion of your account. Login to your account, go to settings, underneath 'Request account deletion' click 'submitting a request'.